Top Reasons To Get Your Windows Tinted

Why to get your windows tinted you may ask? Window tinting isn’t just for visual appeal, their are many benefits from applying window tint to your automobile that actually improve your ride. Tint Force uses quality products on the vehicle you love to protect you, your family and of course your car!

Window tinting stops glare

Having problems while driving at night from oncoming cars headlights? We have films to choose from that tremendously help with glare reduction. The Florida’s sun is a lovely view but it can create vicious glare for drivers. Glare is a dangerous driving hazard, sun visors and even some sunglasses don’t do enough to stop or reduce the glare. The only option to remedy this hazard is by tinting your windows. You will notice at even the lowest shade, so any window tinting will bring relief to glar-suffering-drivers.

Protects your skin from Ultraviolet rays

Tint Force film that we apply to your car protects not only your skin but also your passengers from both harmful Ultraviolet rays A and B. UVA and UVB are harmful to human skin, and for those who love to drive, tinting windows is the best way to protect your skin. Not to mention but UV light that penetrates your car windows and windshield, also damage and fade your interior. Weather or not your interested in it for privacy or to protect your skin from those harmful uv rays, having dark tint or light tint doesn’t matter with it comes down to the film we apply because we only apply film that protects your skin from UV rays!

Protects interior and dashboard

UV rays and solar heat cause fading the interior upholstery of your car especially if you have leather seats (causing it to dry and crack). Dashboards also get damaged and start to deteriorate causing it to crack. Ultraviolet light evaporates oils and break down the plastic molecules. Tinting your windows helps extend the life of these items keeping your car looking younger for longer.

Tinted car windows help with less strain on air conditioning

Anyone in Florida knows that one alternative way to avoid the suns brutal heat is to crank their A/C. Especially in the summer time air conditioning in your car is a must have! Tinting your automobile believe it or not helps cooling down your car more rapidly even when the temperature is high outside, helping with fuel cost and preserving your A/c to last longer.

Window tint provides better Privacy and security

Window tinting comes in a wide range of shades to provide a level of privacy for you and your passengers as you go down the road. When you park the car, you can walk away and know that prying eyes cannot see your valuables inside.